Today’s Photographers

solistitium PhotographersToday many photographers would like their own websites and there is nothing wrong with that provided they create a good one as there are now so many out there, it could just be lost in the black hole of websites which the worldwide web has become for many sites in the past. The increase in numbers of the websites for photographers means that they are now like regular websites, too many for the need and so when competition is that great, great measures have to be taken in order to become visible online and that, like with other websites, means SEO has to be applied to the site.

SEO which is in fact just a shortened term for Search Engine Optimization is a set of tactics which have been specially developed to assist a website in becoming visible online. With the millions of websites online today, the competition between them, just to be seen, is horrendous. For instance, if someone today were to initiate a search for photographic website, the search engine would probably find thousands of websites to place on its list of results but only the first 3 or 4 at the most will ever be looked for and it will be those same 3 or 4 every time a similar search is requested. This means that if a website is ever to be seen, it needs to be in that top 2 or 3 of the list the search engine provides.

One of the strategies used by SEO specialists, keywords, can, in fact, ensure that a website is in that top 3 or 4 on a search engine’s list of results. How this strategy works is that the keywords, which can either be a single word or a bunch of words, is placed in the content of a website. These keywords capture the search engine’s attention whilst it is producing its list of results and as it has been distracted, places the website with the keywords, at the top of its list. Keywords are perhaps an SEO specialist’s best tool and also their most popular.

Today, as more than 50% of the people that now visit the internet, visit it in order to be part of one or other of the social media websites, if a photographic website, or any website for that matter, can become part of a social media group then that business website will afford access to more potential customers than if it had just depended on regular websites to become noticed. SEO specialists will, therefore, be able to teach a website owner how to make their website popular on social media, which will include showing them how their website can grow friends on a particular social media. Why having many friends can be useful is because recent studies have shown that anyone that is a friend of a business on a social media site, is 4 times more likely to become a customer of that same website and that, of course, can be profitable.