Climate Change

solistitium global warmingAt one time it was perhaps easy to know what the weather may be like for the next week and that was because the weather was often similar from year to year but today, with the possibility of climate change, every year the weather seems to be different. Whether climate change is a myth or a fact it still remains that every year the weather seems to be changing either for the better or for the worse but often, many people rely on the weather conditions for their livelihoods and so good or bad, they need to know what type of weather is in store for them. For this reason, there is an increasing number of people that are buying their own weather stations so they can not only record the weather on a day to day basis but also hopefully, be able to predict what weather conditions to expect.

At one time there were also very few portable weather stations available as there was not much call for them with the weather remaining similar from one year to the next but due to this increased demand in them, there are now many of them and so someone wishing to buy one will have a lot of choices to choose and so will have to decide on exactly what they want from a weather station. There are perhaps two main types, the larger home weather station for use at a home or the smaller portable weather stations which, although reasonable for home use, are portable so as to be taken on camping trips or other such activities like perhaps a hunting trip.
Obviously, the portable weather stations do not have as many choices when it comes to a power source but the home weather station has several options. The home weather station can be provided power by a regular AC power outlet, batteries or even have its own dedicated solar panels. Batteries, of course, keep needing to be changed but sometimes are preferable anyway as the main power source can sometimes be unreliable, especially in inclement weather conditions. Solar panels are reasonable but may be cost prohibitive.

Although most weather stations will inform you of temperatures, air pressure, and wind direction, some will inform you of much more like amount of rainfall or UV ratings and so it is up to you to decide just how much information you need as the more you need, probably the more the weather station may cost. Obviously, most people already know what the current weather conditions are like as they merely have to look out a window to find out but what the weather will be like tomorrow is a different matter and that is why the majority of people with weather stations want to know what tomorrow’s weather will be like. Most weather stations will be able to assist you in predicting the weather but the more expensive ones will probably allow you to make a more accurate prediction on not just tomorrow’s weather but perhaps the weeks weather.